Most trusted water Ionizers for Indian Water with Quantum Hydrogen Technology

Number of Plates: 5P

Number of Plates: 7P

Number of Plates: 9P


Number of Plates: 5P

Power: 200W


Number of Plates: 7P

Power: 200W


Number of Plates: 9P

Power: 300W

Elegant and Modern Design with Easy to use Features


Easy to use

Voice activated

Easy to use

Children friendly

360o Rotation

Elegant Design

Special Chrome Plating

Safe for Water

5" Color LCD

Step by Step Color LCD

Microcontroller based design

Visual color indicators


Wall Mounting

Table top

Elegant and compact design

Display Colors

Backlight of LCD display will match the pH level color according to water pH level being used.










Easy Functions, User Friendly

Automatic and/or manual cleaning mode

The interior of the Electrolysis Tank is automatically cleaned on a regular basis, ensuring stable electrolysis operating conditions.Also user may manually clean unit whenever desired.

Voice on/off and volume level control function

Voice announcement can be turned on or off according to user's choice. The user can adjust the desired volume level.

Sensing function of supplied raw water

The outflow of functional water stops automatically when raw water is not supplied, preventing the electrolytic cell and power supply unit from being damaged due to current overflow, water from being wasted and accidental water leaks.

Filter Usage Indication and Replacement Time Guide

Level of filter usage can be identified through the LCD Screen on a real time basis. The recommended replacement time is automatically displayed on the screen with a voice guide.

Dual Hybrid Filters for Quality Water


Haptra Water Ionizers creates alkaline reduced water by first purifying the water with two special hybrid filters and then ionizing the water using platinized titanium plates
Product Alkaline water ionizer
Model Haptra-5P Haptra-7P Haptra-9P
No. of Electrode Plates 5 Plates 7 Plates 9 Plates
Power Supply 200W 200W 300W
LCD 5"
The Object of Product HaptraWater Ionizerscan produce acidic, alkaline water and purified water. Haptra Ionized water improves the symptoms of chronic stomach problems-chronic diarrhea, indigestion, intestinal dysbiosis and hyperacidity
Device Technology World’s 1st Quantum Hydrogen Technology to suit needs of India Water
Filter Technology Specifically Designed for India Water. Premium dual filtration system to provide great tasting water
Electrolysis Ability 4 levels of alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water, filtered only water
Electrolysis Cell Platinized with platinum Titanium electrode plates and the diaphragm
Electrode Sheet Wash Automatic cleaning on regular basis ensuring stable electrolysis operation condition
ORP Level 240 Programmable PH and ORP Levels
Electrolysis Method Continuous electrolysis (Built-in water flow sensor) Generative Capacity – 2.5L / min
Display Display pH level and ORP level, 7 different colors of each level, water flow rate per minute, operation, filter usage(1st, and 2nd,), auto-diagnosis for error, water purification, and voice alert etc.
Output Capacity 0.5-2.0 liters per minute(0.5L/min)
Available Temperature 4ºC ~ 35 ºC
Available Water Pressure 3.0kgf/cm2
Controlling Method Touch sensor
Filter Lifespan 1st :6 months/6000ℓ, 2nd: 12 months/ 9000ℓ
Indicate Filter Change ①After 6 months later from the last filter replacement date. You should replace the filter promptly, even though the filter life does not come to the end.
② When the available usage amount has been reached to 70ℓ
③ You should replace the filter promptly, If the water’s taste, smell, color etc. is not normal condition because of the decline in regional raw water quality or a period of water shortage, even though the filter life does not come to the end.
Filter kind 1st filter :Hybrid filter, 2nd filter: Hybrid filter
Filter change instructions Filter Change (see the user manual)
Power Source Protector Fuse
Over-current Detector Automatically stops the output of electrolytic cells
Over Temperature Protector Temperature detector circuit installed inside SMPS power supply automatically stops the device
Composition / Water Supply Type Stationary or wall-mounted / Direct connection to tap water
Made in Korea
Standard Voltage and Frequency 200-240V AC /50- 60Hz
Size / Weight Size : 340(W)mm X 340(H)mm X 147(D)mm / Weight : 6.5kg